Montego Bay Jamaica

Jamaica is famous for more than just its beauty and attractions; it is famous for its cities and beaches. It is said that one of most popular ways to relax, when in Jamaica, is by heading to Montego Bay. And Montego Bay, the second largest city in the country is a heady mix of sun, fun, and action.

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So, I decided to visit the city for myself. Montego Bay, or "MoBay" as it's popularly known, is served by a tiny international airport that connects it other cities in Jamaica like Kingston, Ocho Rios, Negril, etc as well as to other countries.

Beautifully positioned within a bay and surrounded by a mountainous backdrop, MoBay is spectacular. An eclectic mix of history, tradition, modernism, and other influences thrown in for good measure, make it an indelible, exciting, pulsating, and enjoyable experience. MoBay smells of history. Scattered old estates with ties to the past are worth a visit. All the old and elegant houses of these estates have names that end in "Hall." Ex: Rose Hall, a colonial structure with an intriguing and mysterious historical background!

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The city can be broadly divided into 3 main sections, which are - the hotels district, the main city district, and the beach and hills district in the north. I was advised to head straight to Gloucester Avenue or the 'hip strip.' Incessantly buzzing with a fast-paced life the restaurants, shops, and nightclubs in the area range from chic to fashionable and a large Mariana with cool American cruise ships. Doctor's Cave Beach is the best beach in town with scores of things to do and I was really tired after a hectic day out in water and decided to relax with Red Stripe beer and local fish dish called 'Bammie.'

In a relaxed state of mind and on a full stomach, I can really say that lively and colorful with fantastic weather from November to May, Montego Bay vacations are a riot of colors and bursting of unending excitement.