Cuba Vacations


Cuba Vacations is the best way to experience some of the finest beaches in the world, as well as revel in a rich, vibrant, and colorful cultural heritage. The lively and passionate verve of the Cubans is sure to strike a chord in you. The biggest of all Caribbean Islands, Cuba is a small, yet thriving country with almost 20% of its population living in Havana, the capital city.

With a wonderful and pleasant tropical climate, Cuba is blessed with almost 300 days of sunshine! Beautiful fuzzy warm, clear water beaches lapping against tranquil fine sugary beaches fringed with tall palms is pretty much a picture book perfect scene throughout Cuba. Clear waters give rise to an insatiable urge to explore the underwater sea world flush with colorful marine life. Primary among that are corals, and many different varieties of fish that you should never miss!

If you do manage to get over the fascination of the sea and all its wonderful treasures, you'll have much to do and explore. From visually stunning sights, soulful sounds, and invigorating tastes, you will also find Cuba to be a heady concoction of Caribbean, Spanish, and African influences. But the one thing that will stand out and be remembered for ever will be the wonderful warmth, friendliness, and hospitality of the Cuban people.

One of the most discussed vacation destinations; Cuba is a Caribbean dream destination with incomparable tropical magnificence. Clean, safe, and exotic, Cuba's islands have a magical quality and an infectious rhythm. The Castro factor has not dimmed the natural beauty of this country. And now the nation is undergoing a transformation as more and more global tourists are coming to Cuba to experience its many gifts and hidden treasures.

So enjoy your Cuba vacations with some Cuban cigars, fresh local sea food, lots of sea and outdoor activities and pulsating nightlife. It's going to be unforgettable!