Costa Rica Vacations

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The second smallest country in Central America, Costa Rica is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to its west and the Atlantic surrounds it on the east. From nature to wildlife, and from water sports to cultural fun, Costa Rica has a lot of things to see, do, and experience. Added to that is the wonderful tropical climate that literally beckons tourists to this colorful and hospital destination. Costa Rica vacations are an experience that will stun you, surprise you, and stimulate your senses like nothing else can.

San Jose (Costa Rica) vacation guide

Eco tourism is one of the most fantastic trends in the country. With powdery white beaches, wonderful surf, and divine Scuba diving sites, you will not be bored for even a minute. Moving around in Costa Rica is easy. You can hire a car, or fly down to various cities or travel by public buses, which are both safe and easy to find.

If Costa Rica vacations are on your mind, then you must travel to the rainforest in the country that has a spectacular variety of animals and birds such as howler monkeys, frogs among other things. Moreover, Costa Rica mountain ranges are volcanic, but visitors can safely visit these ranges and explore the fiery territory. Close to the capital city of San Jose lies the Irazu volcano that erupted in the 1960s; then there is Poás Volcano, in the Alajuela province, is one of the biggest craters worldwide.

Since much of Costa Rica is made up of 65% coastline, you will find plenty of idyllic and stunning beaches on your Costa Rica vacations. Despite dense population, tourists can enjoy private bays along the long seashore.

So go on pick up the best Costa Rica Vacations package and have the thrills, chills and spills of your lifetime...