Flights from Edmonton International Airport

The Edmonton International Airport is set on giving Calgary Airport a run for its money in flights in and out of northern Alberta.  Visitors to its webpage will be struck by an unusual page name:  “Stop the Calgary Habit”.  It’s an extraordinary appeal for an airport to ask passengers to stop going somewhere, since getting from here to there is, after all, the whole reason for going to an airport.  But in Edmonton Airport’s case, the thought process made sense.  So many passengers had, in the past, opted to make the 250-plus kilometer drive south to Calgary and depart from there.  Others were happy to hop on a commuter flight to the southern airport and connect from there to their final destination.

The problem?  Flights from Edmonton became limited, except for an increasing number of flights to Calgary.  Edmonton International Airport’s efforts to be recognized as a destination in its own right have been paying off; since 2004, the number of passengers served has risen 50 percent.  To cope with all the new traffic, Edmonton Airport has unveiled (and started work on) an ambitious new upgrade project.  This includes nearly doubling the number of gates from 17 to a possible 30; a new control tower complex; more office space and room for businesses, shops, and restaurants; expanded and improved baggage and parking areas, and a new passenger concourse.  In the meantime, passengers must make do with a temporary terminal.

Flights from Edmonton International Airport:  Fast Facts

Code:  YEG (Edmonton International Airport is nicknamed EIA, but this is NOT its airline code.)

Carriers:  Seventeen in total at the time of this writing, including Air Canada, Air North, Air Transat, Delta, Continental, and United.  Over 50 destinations and counting are offered in the United States (including Hawaii), Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, and Central America.

Location:  Edmonton, Alberta (close to Leduc, Alberta), 30 kilometers / 35 minutes to city centre

Lodging:  Several chains, ranging from budget hostelries to multi-star hotels, including Travelodge, Ramada, Hilton, Hampton Inn, Best Western, and Quality Inn.

Ground Transportation:  You can grab a taxi, schedule limo pickup, catch a shuttle to downtown Edmonton, or board one of the C-Line busses.  Shuttles are also available to Jasper National Park, the largest in the Canadian Rockies, and several hotels also offer courtesy transportation to and from the airport for their guests.

Car Rental:  Edmonton Airport is served by Alamo, Avis, Budget, Hertz, National, and Enterprise car rental agencies.

Services:  Services include free WiFi access, shopping, and dining.  Options may be somewhat limited, but both Starbucks devotees and Tim Horton’s fans can grab a cup of their favorite brew - and so can those who prefer Molson’s.

Travelers Liked:  Travelers using this airport for flights to or from Edmonton applauded the much-needed upgrade plans that have already been put into practice.  The facilities are clean and conveniently located.

Travelers Disliked:  This is an aging airport, and while the necessary upgrades are in progress, in the meantime travelers should arrive prepared for some confusion and congestion.  And keep in mind that customs can be time-consuming and rather brusque.

If you are considering a flight to Edmonton Airport or looking to fly to from here to another spot, this international airport is conveniently located and currently expanding its facilities and services.