Spain Vacations

The very mention of Spain conjures images of a land rich with cultural as well as historic regions, bull fighting, and flamenco! A gifted and diverse country, Spain vacations offer a fantastic opportunity to experience the variety while soaking in the air thick with scent of the sea and many gourmet delights.

Spain offer travelers many exciting things to do. From clean and honey-drenched beaches to a fun-filled nightlife, and from ancient monuments to plenty of action and relaxation options, Spain is a surprise for those who are only familiar with its beach holidays. When in Spain, expect the unexpected!

If you thought Spain was only about a lazy lifestyle and good food, then think again. Spain vacations promise you rolling greens, snow-peaked mountains, large marshlands, arid deserts and the second-highest number of UNESCO Heritage Sites in the world behind Italy. Interestingly, Spain has the highest number of World Heritage Cities!

Those who have gone on Spain vacations describe the country varyingly as exotic, relaxed, warm, vibrant, culturally rich, historically profound, thriving, and busy, among other things. However, as a tourist going on a Spain vacation it's best to visit the country without any preconceived notions. Simply let the country cast its magic on you. Enjoy the lifestyle the way Spaniards do, thrive to pulsating music part of the vibrant nightlife offering, and gorge on the wonderful, spicy cuisine! Even the Spanish wines are pretty good, so after a hectic day of sightseeing, stop at a Tapas bar for snacks, drinks, and make new friends...

From Barcelona to Madrid, from Seville to Granada, and from the heavenly Balearic Islands to Ibiza and Canary Islands, Spain is all about sun, water, beaches, snow, desert, and ancient architecture. So go on spoil yourself on your Spain vacations, after all you deserve it!

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