Italy Vacation

Italy, the grand old country that has been a land of power, riches, empires, and inventions,

is also one of the most famous countries world-wide. Renowned for its chic fashion, delicious and appetizing cuisine, fast and furious luxury sport cars, and beautiful coastlines, mountains, and lakes is also the home to the Vatican City, your Italy vacations will never be dull!

Situated along the Mediterranean Sea like its neighboring country France, among others Italy is shaped like a boot and surrounded by six seas including the Liguria Sea, the Sardinian Sea, the Tyrrhenian Sea the Sicilian Sea, the Ionian Sea, and Adriatic Sea. Because of its location, Italy has a varied and diverse landscape that is primarily mountainous due to the Alps and the Apennines Mountain Range that cut across its terrain. Like most countries along the Mediterranean Sea, Italy too has a temperate climate with hot and dry summers, and cold winters making Italy vacations enjoyable and relaxing.

Unfortunately, there is much to see and explore in Italy. A week's holiday to this country that has the highest number of UNESCO heritage monuments, hardly seems adequate enough for any one. However, some of the must see and visit cities in Italy include Rome or Roma, the capital city and home to the Roman Catholic Church or the Vatican. Milan or Milano, the most well-known fashion destination in the world and the financial capital of Italy; Naples or Napoli, one of the most important ports besides Venice, Taranto, and Genoa, this city is full of fun, sun, and pizzas! For pizza lovers, Naples is must visit as well as the home to pizzas. Napoli is also famous for Vesuvius Volcano and the ancient ruins of towns like Pompeii and Ercolano.

Other cities in Italy that should be on every traveler and tourist's list when planning Italy vacations are Florence, home to Michelangelo, Bologna, the culinary capital in Italy, Genoa, a wealthy port and home to Christopher Columbus and the jeans and of course, Pisa and Venice.

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