Greece Vacations


A country's main tourist attraction is its natural, cultural and historical heritage. Greece vacations offer every tourist more than this. Ranking as one among of the top 10 tourist destinations in the world, Greece received over 17 million tourists last years, more than its population of 11 million people! So what draws visitors to this mystical, mythical, and historical cradle of civilization?

The answers could be varied, ranging from bizarre to common. However, of particular draw are Greece's beaches, natural beauty, historical sites, and pulsating nightlife. Most of the tourists to travel to this country for Greece vacations are Europeans. The tourism season that starts from April ends in October, while the peak season lies between July-August when several thousands of revelers queue up for places such as Crete, Cyclades, the Dodecanese, and the Western Greek Islands. A few even head to the Peloponnese as well as the Halkidiki peninsula situated in Macedonia.

So what destinations do most Greece vacations consist of? An easy question really. Most people prefer to play it safe and visit the most popular destinations such as Athens, the capital which is seeped in history and culture. It is home to the Acropolis, several history museums, and other archeological sites. Then there are other destinations like Delphi, the home to Apollo's Oracle; Meteora, which is well known for its monasteries perched atop hills; Corfu, a large island that offers pretty much all sorts of entertainment and attractions; Ithaca that is famous as being the home of many Greek gods includes Odysseus; Mykonos, an elegant, sophisticated, and chic vacation resort town; Santorini, the most beautiful and popular honeymoon destination in Greece; Rhodes Island for being the birthplace of the Olympics and the Zeus sanctuary etc.

Greece offers whitewashed seaside villages, myriad exciting experiences, activities and landscapes. With its hallowed past and a turbulent present, Greece vacations can only be stimulating and sizzling!