Austria Vacations

Austria meaning "the Eastern Empire" is an alpine country surrounded by land. Austria vacations offer you lot of fun and non-stop excitement. Situated in Central Europe, Austria shares its borders with Switzerland, Liechtenstein Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, and Italy. Austria, along with Switzerland, has become the winter sports capital of European Union. But, it's not the only reason to visit Austria. The country is equally famous with summer tourists for its historic and grand cities, quaint, cobblestoned villages and hiking trails in the spectacular Alps.

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Austria offers a diverse mix of landscapes closely packed into a rather small area. On your Austria vacations you can find natural formations like beautiful, peaceful glaciers, lush green meadows, picturesque alpine valleys, fairytale-like wooded foothills, gently rolling farmlands, colorful and scented vineyards, amazing river gorges, as well as plains and even some semi-arid patches. Wow!

Vienna is the main metropolis in Austria and a picture-postcard perfect city not far from the easternmost part of the Alps. Dominating the cultural as well as political life of the Austrians, Vienna is a self-contained world away from the Austrian countryside giving a very one-sided view of the nation. Salzburg, the musical hub among other smaller cities should also be on your Austria vacations itinerary. With a beautiful temperate climate, winters are quite cold and harsh, especially in the Alpine areas, while summers are hot or pleasant.

Skiing and snowboarding amongst other winter sports are among the most favored outdoor activities in Austria. Cycle tours along the Danube River and other large rivers with their gentle slopes and beautiful scenery are worth the sweat and exercise! Another Austrian passion is music. Not only is music Austria's heritage, it is also one of the best offerings from this small country. From operas to jazz and from classical music to avant-garde, you can attend various festivals throughout summer and get a personal taste of Austrian music including folk music.

So gorge on Austrian food, music and natural beauty and enjoy Austria vacations!