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Popular cruise destinations:

alaska-cruise Alaska. Cruising Alaska gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with all kinds of wildlife. You'll also discover Native American culture, outdoor activities, and surprisingly balmy summer temperatures on Alaska cruises.


bahama-cruise Bahamas .Whether it's a steel band in a crowded bar, duty-free shopping, deserted islands, water sports, or just lounging on a beach you'll find it all with these Bahamas cruises.



bermuda-cruise Bermuda. With few cars allowed on the island, Bermuda runs at a different pace. Book one of these Bermuda Cruises and explore gingerbread houses, pink-sand beaches, and quaint, English-flavored towns on foot or by moped.



Caribbean. Taste paradise in a fresh mango cocktail, have fun right down to the wire on a rainforest zip-line tour, catch the calypso beat in rustic towns, and above all soak up the sun on endless stretches of virgin shore on these Caribbean cruises.


Hawaii.Make days at sea part of the vacation, or fly to Hawaii and spend the maximum amount of time exploring the islands--the choice is yours on exotic Hawaii cruises.



Mexico. Mexico cruises offer something for every sun worshipper and solace seeker. Indulge in a weekend getaway for a siesta on a pristine beach or book a longer vacation to uncover villages boasting colorful casitas and fiery local fare.


Europe. There's no better way to quickly jaunt from country to country in the old world than on one of these Europe cruises. You'll explore top-notch cities, admire famous works of art, and have a jolly good time on the American dollar--an incredible savings.


Canada/New England. Canada and New England cruises, sailing up and down the Atlantic coast of North America, offer a wide range of experiences, from two-day getaways to leisurely multi-port tours. Visit big cities, small towns, and even get a taste of Europe in Quebec.